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More Storage Space
Shop Organizers

Tabletop organizers are a great way to use your workbench to its fullest capacity.

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Large Workbenches
The GRS Jeweler's Workbench

Made for professionals who use the GRS BenchMate or any other GRS tool.

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Get A Shipping Quote
It's Free!

We ship via freight. If you want to order an item, you must first request a shipping quote.

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Product Recommendation
In the market for a new workbench, but don't know where to start?

Contact us and get a personalized recommendation from our expert craftsmen. 

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Small Jeweler's Workbenches
We have a collection of small benches

Our small workbenches are made for people who are space conscious and/or are just beginning their craft.

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More Security
Lockable Drawers

Enjoy more security with key controlled, lockable drawers.

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Product Customization
Height Customization

Did you know that we can customize the height of your workbench? Just let us know when you're requesting a shipping quote.

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Small Jeweler's Workbenches
Small, Yet Sturdy

The choice for many students and beginners.

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We are offering a 10% discount on all workbenches.

PN-110 Jeweler's Workbench

How to request a shipping quote and place an order.

Save on shipping, and pick up your order from our factory in Sun Valley, California!

Request A Free Shipping Quote

Got Questions?

How do I place an order?

Once you have received your shipping quote and you want to proceed with the order, we will send you a QuickBooks invoice, which you can pay directly. Once we receive your payment, your order has been placed in our system. We will begin preparing your order for shipment.

How much is a GRS upgrade?

The price for the GRS upgrade on all applicable jeweler’s workbenches is $275.

How do I know when my order ships?

Oce your order is picked up by the shipping carrier, we will email you a tracking number.